Where can I see all of your designs? 

I don't have a full catalogue of greeting cards at the moment.  I'm adding my designs to Instagram and there are several items in the shop. If you'd like to see my full portfolio, please get in touch! 

Do you ship outside of Canada? 
Right now, I'm unfortunately only sending items within Canada.  I hope to be able to ship products internationally soon!  Baby steps :) 

How do the items get shipped? 
Your items will be shipped with Canada Post regular mail.  Once the order is received and I package it, you'll receive an email notification that your package is on the way.  It will take approximately 3-5 business days after that to arrive. If you need your order in a short time frame, feel free to contact me to talk about options.

How come there's only a few items in your store? 
I have tons of designs and can't wait to share them with you all!  I'm still in the process of building the business and need to start small.  That's why there are just a few items for purchase in the shop right now.  More items will be added in the coming months. We're talking stickers, calendars and more. Don't 'cha worry! 

How will I know if there are new items posted in your shop? 
Sign up for my email newsletter and join me on Instagram! You'll for sure be in the know. 

What is your email newsletter all about? 
It'll be a pretty and happy email that comes to you occasionally.  I'm really not a fan of writing, so I promise to not spam you.  I plan to send you some perks like: free downloads, behind the scenes stories, earlybird news and discount codes. You might even been invited to give feedback and help with the direction of annagram studios.  More to come! 

Can I find annagram products in any stores? 
Not yet, but this is the plan! I'll be pitching my products to stores across Canada and hope to have annagram studios products available for purchase in your own city.  If you have a favourite shop that you think I should contact, send me a message!

I have an idea for something you should do! 

That's awesome! I want to hear from you.  If you have suggestions, ideas or feedback, please send a message via the contact form!  This will help me to better serve you and know what products you want to see in the shop!

Do you do commissions? 
Maybe! If you have something that you'd like custom-designed, feel free to write to me to discuss further. 

Do you license your artwork? 
Yes! I would love to collaborate and license my work!

Something unexpected happened with my order.
If you have an issue with your order, please write to me and I'll be happy to sort it out with you! 

Less Frequently Asked Questions:

Do all of your designs have the colour chartreuse in them?
Pretty much, yup! 

What do you call those drawing materials that are like pencils but coloured? 
This is a controversial subject. I personally call them pencil crayons. How about you?